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The purpose of e-business

E-business aims to increase the service level provided for its business relations , by improving this service and developing new services, in order to deepen existing customer relations and checking in how far e-business can add positively to the business results.

Which functionalities are included
  • Internet and e-commerce
  • Complete website with professional design
  • Professional webshop with shopping cart
  • Useful statistics about visitors and users of your
  • website and webshop
  • Creditcard support.
  • Hosting.
  • Personal domain name

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Why do customers prefer shopping on internet?

- There is the comfort of desk and chair
- You can compare and buy products from all over the world at your ease and without hassle.
- Customers with little time ,looking for a specific product can find it quickly and simply on the internet.

What makes an e-commerce site successful.

- it should accept as many ways of paying as possible.
- it should be able to offer as many items as possible from stock.
- orders should be confirmed by e-mail.
- only the data needed for order processing should be required for entry.
- provide as many modes of transport as possible.
- the site is easily found with keywords or phrases on the search engines.
- on the site is readily found how the customer can contact you if further information is wanted.
- all components of the site are quickly loaded.

fast and easy shopping, makes for returning visitors.

Planning stages
management systems (CMS)/

Complete or partial maintenance of websites through the use of CMS modules.
Hosting & domains
Advertentising market
Free analysis

Internet services
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