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Domain: Advice - Registratian - Strategy - Check


Domain: Advice - Registration -
Strategy - Check

To register the name of your company is one of the most important phases in the process of doing business on the internet. One's own domain name is part of a professional presentation on the internet, usually this is the name of your company, but in certain cases it can also be another name or another word. For instance: your company makes boots, it could well be that the domain name www.boots.nl would suit you better than www.nameofyourcompany.nl
The domain you'll preferably choose should ideally reflect not only on the name of your company but should be a byword to the public; a word you could also use in your promotional strategy.
We guide you in making the best choice, one fitting into your global strategy.
Eventually we'll take care of registering your domain(s) just as we will see to the hosting of your site.

Domain names are exclusive names, and cannot be registered to two names, the first person to register a domain, has the exclusive right to that name on the internet. If boots.nl has already been registered ,you will have to look for a suitable alternative.
You will doubtlessly have understood that registering your preferred domain is of the utmost importance.

Domain name check
Here you may check if the name you want is still available.
I want a domain.nl»
Here you can check the database of the Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland

I want a domain.com/.net/.org
Check here the database of Network Solutions

I want a domain.be
Check in that case the database of DNS Belgium

"The data in these databases are as up-to-date as can be. However you cannot base any rights on the information you acquired.".

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