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World Wide use of internet keeps rising
World Wide the number of internet users increased the past year
with 16 percent. On the average,they also spent more time on
the web.
'Internet advertising market not so bad'

Saturday ,May 25 2002 - As was found in various researches,the past year ,the online advertising market , was not at all as bad as many people thought.

By Laurens Verhagen

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) in 2001 a total of 7,2 miljard dollar was spent on online advertising space. This is a drop of 12 percent as compared to the previous year. Especially the fourth quarter frankly bad.

The IAB however ,points to figures of Emarketer from which it appears that 20 percent less was spent on radiocommercials and 12 percent less on tv. In other words:internet didn't do so badly at all.

Going it even stronger: online advertentising business starts to get healthy. According to IAB over 70 percent of the sellers of web advertentisemens - of which DoubleClick is the best known - will make profit this year. Last year this was still 42 procent.

The figures of Emarketer, to which IAB refers, agree with those of Price Waterhouse Coopers(PWC)published Thursday. These too show that the advertising market in 2001 dropped with 12 percent. For tv and radio the figures would be 13,8 en 20 percent respectively.



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